Camilla Parker Bowles: Queen Elizabeth II gave Charles wife tiara she never wears


Camilla has a tiara in her collection, a gift from the Queen, she has never worn. Camilla currently has the Teck Crescent Tiara, which has an ancient royal history.

The tiara was given to the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, by another royal, Princess Mary Adelaide, the Duchess of Teck, where it gets its name.

The piece was created by Princess Mary Adelaide from the jewellery she already owned.

The gorgeous piece has a whimsical feel, with a wild rose the large centrepiece. Crescent moons and ferns adorn the rest of this tiara, inspired by nature.

All the elements of the tiara can be removed and worn as brooches, a clever touch.

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Camilla does have a number of other tiaras, from the Royal Family and her own.

She often wears the Cubitt-Shand tiara, her family’s own piece.

From the Queen she has been loaned the Greville tiara, a huge diamond piece, and the Delhi Durbar, a similarly massive tiara.

However, the Duchess of Cornwall does tend to favour relatively modest jewellery for most appearances.

In its original form, the necklace contained 40 huge round old-cut diamonds.

The Duchess of Cornwall has shortened the necklace to 31 diamonds.

This type of necklace is known as a collet necklace. It is made of single diamonds in a row and is a simple piece although stunning and valuable.

The Queen has many of these types of necklace including Queen Alexandra’s collet necklace and the Duchess of Teck’s collet necklace.

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